The other day my granddaughter seven was eating and talking at the same time. She started choking rather fiercely on something that went the wrong way. Her face was rather contorted and when it was finally over she looked up at me and said “I thought you were going to have to do the hind leg remover on me.” And so it goes in the life of grandchildren.
My grandson 11 came home from school the other day. He was talking about a girl who says she’s an atheist. He talks to her, is friends with her and he brought a little New Testament from Home and slipped it into her backpack. She must’ve guessed where it came from. And he said to her “you can keep it or you can give it back to me” and that was the end of the story.
My grandson 11 came out of school today and was so excited. He said two of his teachers pulled him out of class and said “we have both signed papers for you to be in honors when you go into the seventh grade next year”. So he is rather excited. And so is grandma and grandpa.
I was saying something the other day and my seven-year-old Lucy said “that is a pun isn’t it ?” Ah. Yes it is.

Short time later I said something else and she said “that is sarcastic isn’t it?” Well what can I say? Yes. Yes it is. She is one smart little second-grader.


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