This has been on my mind for some time… To share this comment to a poem I posted on the ALZ site. I don’t know her name. It has made a deep impact on my heart.

The poem is:

Dec 17, 1013

w/e wrote:
Your words are beyond words. Thank you. We’ve had a rough week. Stage 6 is beginning with all its fury: incontinence, hallucinations, delusions, and, of course, mood changes from happy – to sad – to angry in the flick of a nano second. BUT, in spite of the dark clouds of his mind, we still have beautiful moments of tenderness & love. He was eating tonight and I could see on his face the darkness creeping into his brain. He left the table and began to pace. He went to the bedroom and would not let me touch him, comfort him. When he finally calmed down an hour later, the darkness of his mind began to dissipate. He came to the kitchen and he said to me: “I am afraid, I am scared.” “What is scaring you?” I asked. He replied, ” I wont remember who you are.” My husband has lost a tremendous amount of his ability to speak so my heart began to dance with joy when I heard him say those beautiful words of LOVE. I hugged him, I kissed him, I held his hand. I was in awe of his love for me. I said, “My dear husband, I will help you touch me, I will help you caress me , I will help you feel your love for me. I will help you remember me.” We embraced and we cried together… feeling a lifetime of love for each other… Peace & calm restored, he is sleeping now.
I had brought the poem to the top and she commented again. Such beautiful words of love.
Jan 8, 2016

IdahoStevens, my reply to you was written on December 2013… My immortal beloved took his last breath on January 2014… Immortal beloved. Noble. Strong. Sensual. Pure. My Sunrise Ruby. Bright crystal structure of endless love. Perfect and Imperfect.

O fateful morning! I was preparing breakfast. He was walking between the bedroom and the bathroom… Desperately searching… Searching for me… He knew intuitively his life was ending… I ran to him…We looked into each others eyes… I cradled him in the deep of my arms… I said, “My love, I am here. I will never leave you.” … He smiled … He stopped breathing. I called 911… My heart encircled in his love. My mind enriched by cherished memories. My soul transformed… His scent inside of me. My body burning with desire… To love. To be loved… My body flying with his. From this earth to the center of the universe. Glowing.

O earth’s reality! It bites…

I am adjusting… Adjusting to the deafening silence of the day. And of the night.

I am adapting… Adapting to the absence of his kisses. And his embrace.

I am accepting… I am trying, with every breath I take, to accept. To accept his empty place in my nest. And on this earth.

To adjust. To adapt. To accept.

To transcend… Life and Death … We enter this world. We leave this world … When I understand that. When I totally accept that. I shall find peace.

No sluggish hearts will ever be found in our midst, eh?… We have lots of heart muscle in Alzconnected. Muscle memories… Of tenderness. Of love. And of care.

Good to see you, IdahoStevens.

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Remember for Me
© (4-20-03) John L. Stevens
When the curtain draws closed on my mind
And leaves my body alone.
Think of the times we were together,
The times we talked on the phone.
Remember the times we would walk on the beach.
Hand in hand always in reach.
The moments we shared – together each day.
The love we shared in every way.
Though the hours get long that make up a day.
While you are sitting with me in your caring way.
Remember the times we would take a long walk.
We would get an ice cream, just sit and talk.
Remember. Remember for me.
Remember the seasons of flowers in bloom.
We’d walk through the meadow, nature’s room.
We’d hunt down asparagus along a fence row.
Bring home a bunch and fix it just so.
Remember at Christmas the lights on the tree.
The gifts for the children from you and me.
The smells of the season that filled the air.
The laughter and joy of people who care.
Remember. Remember for me.
Remember the moments our thoughts would blend.
No spoken word between us would send.
The thoughts of love and things to be.
Would cross the distance ‘tween you and me.
Tell me over and over again,
Of the things we use to do and when,
Times of laughter and times of fun
We had together, under the sun.
Remember. Remember for me.
When the curtain draws closed on my mind.
And leaves my body alone.
Think of the times we were together,
The times we talked on the phone.
As yesterday’s memories caress your soul.
Close your eyes, imagine us whole.
Where some day we will be together again
Where memories won’t fade, we will again begin.
Remember. Remember for me.
————— 06-17-03—————–


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  1. admin says:

    Weeping willow Wow! so very beautiful,took my breath away;-]

    John Stevens Breathe in breathe out. Very much appreciated Ww.

    Michael A Griffith Very touching and poignant.

    John Stevens Thank you Michael for reading.

    Cherie Nolan Raining tears.

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