As you travel into life’s sunset before me,
walk slowly My Love.
Wait up My Love.
I am not far behind.
Following in the foot steps
you revealed to me
as you My Love
walked in the path to a new day.
Watch for me. For I am coming.
It won’t be long now til
we are hand in hand again.

June 28, 2016

Inspired by 88 year old friend Stan.
He lost his wife June to Alzheimer’s



One Comment to “The Path”

  1. admin says:

    Light House Man… This is very sweet. I hope the horizon is as you speak. I shall cherish this one for some time.

    John Stevens Thank you LH.

    Dawn Sweetly expressed lovely to read friend :)

    John Stevens It has been eight years and he takes his wife June’s picture with him everywhere. People stop at his table and he tells them about ALZ.

    Jamie L Cantore This is wonderful. My condolences to Stan, his family and friends.

    John Stevens Thank you Jamie. He misses her very much.

    RAJ NANDY Hi John! This poem is a nice dedication I must say ! I remember your birthday is coming up this coming Monday. God bless us all, take care, – Raj, New Delhi

    John Stevens Thanks Raj. Yup. 73

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