Apr 24, 2016
June and Stan
(Heaven and Earth)

June has gone on ahead of me
Looking down with a smile today.
She has been renewed forever
I am getting older by the day.

My body has many cracks,
Crevices and creases.
“chugging along”, missing June -
For Love, it never ceases

Resting on a swaying foundation
God has been good to me
I’m “chugging along” waiting my turn
My Glorious June to see.

I’ve got Memories by the dozen,
Reminiscences by the score…
The day I stop remembering…
is the day I’ll close this door.

My World will have ended
Heaven bound I will be.
Where June is ever waiting…
For her Stan she will see.

My World will soon end
Temporary it has been.
God is calling me home
Where Eternity will begin.




Please visit my friend Stan’s web site
Stanton O. Berg, Forensic Consultant (Retired) At age 87

Half the words are Stans. All the words are from his heart.


#love #hope #heaven #alzheimers


2 Comments to “June and Stan”

  1. admin says:

    Stan. I will be here for you until the Lord takes one of us. You have given much to help the ALZ cause.

  2. Thanks again for remembering June and I in your great gift of poetry…I very much appreciate your kindness…you have remained a good friend for many years now!…I am sure June joins me in these thoughts and in thanks…

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