Driving down the road
1994. Daughter 13.

Song on the radio
not to my taste.
So bad, Dad had to comment.

That sounds like garbage”
Said I to daughter #1
“Yes it is” came the reply.
“And you like that?” Said I.
“Yes I do.” said she.
“Why?  It is garbage!”
“Yes it is.” Said she.
“Listen to it. It sounds like garbage.”
“That is because it is.” said she.
“I never heard such garbage before”
“It is a new song.” said she.
“It is still garbage.”
“Yes it is.” said she.
“Why do you like garbage?”
“I Like their music.” said she.
“Their music?” said I
“Yes. The groups name is


Who knew.
Obviously not Dad.

(c) Dad
Oct. 2014

Fortunately garbage did not last long.
I guess it was taken to the dump.


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