The Boss came to town one day
Took over the “Swinging” Sugar Shack.
When others came to take a sip
He warned them, “OUT and don’t come back.”

He buzzed them off so far away
As another came to  sip and rest
Back he came his tail fanned out
Thinking, yes, he was the best.

With space around the Treasury
for more than eight to sip and eat.
But only one can land and sip
when “The Boss” plants his angry feet.

He sits and guards his precious turf
For many minutes at a time.
Driving away the other birds
Who has found the Sugar sublime.

The reason the hummers can only hum
is because they don’t know the words.
Or they would scream little bird words
at the other little humming birds.

The hummer most persistent it seems
goes by the name of Hummer Hectar.
You too would be mad and miffed
if someone stole your Sugar and Nectar.

Thought about adding bells to the feeder
then the hummer could be a
First name would NOT be Engelbert

(This may need some work… hummmm)


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