When I was a kid… yes there was a time I was a kid, the garden was just South of the house.  Mom and I worked in the garden a lot.  Sometimes when she was not in the garden I would lay between the carrot rows, pull a carrot out of the sandy soil, brush off the sand and have a very fresh yummy carrot.  They were soooo tender they seemed to melt in my mouth.  Anyway, when I was finished eating the carrot I would put the top back into the hole.  No one was the wiser.  No one knew the difference or so I thought.  I did notice the carrot top would wilt which looked a little suspicious but… there was a gopher problem so maybe the gophers ate the carrots.  Sounded like a good story to me.  “Did the gopher eat the carrot mom?” “Yes probably so.”

I found out years later…. Mom knew who the gopher was.  BUSTED.

I was telling this story to my grand daughter Lucy after school one day.  Her eyes brightened up and said, “That is a funny story grandpa.”  So here it is added to the memories of a grandpa.  Lucy keeps telling people, strangers even, “you should hear this. Grandpa tell them about the carrots.”  The story has latched onto her 5 year old brain and won’t let go.

So… the next time you are eating a carrot… don’t fib to your mom.

I remember that when the gopher pulled carrots too small, mom admonished the gopher “must let them grow bigger”. I passed that bit of information on to “sir gopher”.  The gopher listened. What luck.

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