Dec 9, 2013

My Father was my example.  I have a lot of my father’s traits.  He was a man of few words but his actions of caring carried much weight. Growing up on a farm in Western Nebraska, it seemed that it was a place where sandburs knew no bounds.  They were everywhere.  My father wore bib overhauls that had big pockets in the back. When I was little, the pockets were just right to fit my feet.  When we came to a sandbur patch, he would pick me up and carried me over the sandbur patches.  When I was tired after being with him on the farm and hot from the scorching summer heat, he cared for me.

My heavenly Father is my teacher through prayer, his word written and spoken and through the lives of others like my Mother and Father and many others.

Jesus is our example.  Growing up and even today, the 4 words that keep me going in the right direction are: What Would Jesus Do.  There is no better example to follow.

As a father, I try to follow the example of my heavenly Father.  There are times I fail miserably and must ask for forgiveness from my family.  My heavenly father never fails me.  He carries me through the sandbur patches of life.  He loves me unconditionally.  Some day I will set foot on the heavenly shore as He carries me over the last of life’s sandbur patches on my final journey of life.

Even though I have never heard my earthly father say, “I love you son”, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved me.  When I would say to him, ‘love ya Dad” his reply was always “uhuh”.  I can’t hear my heavenly father audibly say “I love you” but I know from all He does for me His love for me is beyond words.  His love transcends the audible and speaks directly to my heart.

I tried hard to not bring shame on my mother and father.


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