Grandma was wrapping gifts
Lucy, four, was “helping”.
One of those times when
help slows you down.

Me, I am sacked out on the sofa
Waiting for sanity to return
and relieve me of a bad cold.

Grandma went to the kitchen
Lucy stayed wrapping.
In a few, she comes over to my hole
where I am residing and says,
“Grandpa, I brought you a present.”

I looked up and there she stands.
Wrapping paper taped around her arm.
She said, “Go ahead and open it Grandpa.”
“Open it? Your arm?”
being a little slow.
“Yes Grandpa open your present.”

She stands there with this
expectant expression beaming.
A moment later the fog cleared
Grandpa open the wrapped arm
and with great “surprise” exclaimed!
“This is the best Christmas present ever.”
“I love it!”
I kissed her arm and Lucy’s face
as a smile spread across her face.
“This is the best Christmas present
ever Lucy. Thank you!”

And she was off to the next adventure.
Never know what she will come up with.
Every day is an adventure.

(c) 12-23-2013


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