she is so cute!
said the grand mother type
in McDonalds today.
Yes I have heard that said.
Every where we go

Miss Personality makes
an impression…
on the young and the old.
Purely unintentional.
Little head strong at times.
Mostly when awake.
She will go far.

Disagreements with Nana
can be fun at times,
Lucy! Don’t do that! No!
Can ping pong three times.
Then must stop. Or else!

On hearing the verbal
exchange between
the two one day
Gpa asked Miss Lucy,
What part of ‘NO’
do you not understand?

The reply coming from
Miss Congeniality was an
emphatic “The N.

Gpa left the room.
Laughing held to elsewhere.
Reporting to Nana.

She is cute at times.
Four now…
going on fourteen.
But still cute.

(c) 12-12-13

And I have to put up with this daily.
Further editing may happen… at times.


One Comment to “Times”

  1. Dan S. says:

    John, I just read “Times”. What a wonderful piece of writing!!! I surely anticipate any and all updates. ;-)

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