09-28-2012 Well… IT has started. For several years I have observed flowers circling around the bee. Big ones, small ones, and even some old flowers. The bigger flowers would pick him up and swing him around to his great delight. Now it has happened. One of the flowers called grandpa bee’s phone yesterday wanting to talk to grandson bee. As it happened, Grandpa saw there were three missed calls and dialed the number showing on his phone. “Hi. I received three calls from this number and…” It took a bit to figure out who had called from the other end and grandpa could tell Mom flower was amused.

“There is a Ceiria calling for you Tony. Do you know her?”
“Yes grandpa. She is my girl friend.” said the little bee.
“Girl friend huh?” “Yup. Girl friend.” said the little bee.

Grandpa’s phone had just been charged unfortunately. The little bee did most of the buzzing with the flower answering, “Cool”, frequently. After much buzzing and flower speak, the bee commented, “You say Cool a lot.” Rather caught the flower with her peddles down but not for long.

The background noise increased and grandpa did not hear the continuing buzzing and peddle rustling very well. Then the phone wandered off. The little bee was all matter-of-fact and I could see he was turning into a young man, right before my eyes. Grandpa was wondering where his phone had wandered off to. FOUND IT!

This morning the little bee came into contact with the little flower in the school lunch room. She is several inches taller then the little bee. Now we wait and see how long it takes to see who buzzes off first.

09-30-2012 Met Mom flower and little flower at church on Sunday for the first time. Small world we live in. I need to pay more attention to the flowers. She was still amused. Now we wait.


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