T i r e l e s s l y . . .
No kidding around
She is the greatest of kids
to be found.
She cheerfully Shepherd’s the herd
in the word.
The word that is of God.
No…. that is not odd.
For she’s Kid’s Pastor . . . Libby.
(I know. Tirelessly may be a bit of a stretch)
To find the keys to the
TFNAZ.COM domain,
Look no further than the master.
All you need to do is just ask her.
Always ready
Always steady
The Admin of the ship
is quick to slip
into mission mode of the Sea.
For her name….
Wait for it….. IS CONNIE.
The music soars to utmost height
It stirs the heart from dark to light.
The man, the music
are tied as one.
He leads the people to
the throne of Thee One.
Fast, Slow… Old, New
All are encompassed in
What Pastor Brad can do.
His words of Compassion and
Arms full of Love,
Give Hope to the hopeless
for their Journey to Above
He silently bows his heart in prayer
Earnestly seeking to do God’s will.
He patiently waits before the Father
For the answer to come, his heart to fill.
For he once was lost on a rudderless ship.
Was found, was rescued, one glorious day.
When someone told him of the Love of God
His heart was opened; Jesus came in to stay.
We thank you and
thank you Pastor Steve.
A heart of Love and compassion
for family and friend
That runs so deep and so warm
There really is no end.
A ready smile for everyone,
Whoever ventures near,
Leaving a lasting impression,
on each soul so Dear.
Thank you for being
a Friend, Jessica.
She steers His Majesty’s Ship
on a course set free,
By the blood of our Savior
who died on The Tree.
For all who will come
aboard each day.
She welcomes them
To come and stay.
She is the one, and only, Barbara.
The new Captain of the HMS Crew
leads all on board with Words of wisdom,
Words of humor, and Words of Gold,
to instill Peace, Love, Mercy and Hope
Into the lives of the Young and the Old.

Judging not, our fellow Journeyers
But extending an open hand of
understanding, forgiveness, and Love.
He welcomes all into the Body of Christ
For the Journey of a lifetime to
meet Jesus on the other side
Who’s waiting… arms open wide.

He understands… we are all just Big Kids!
Thank you, Pastor Dave.

And so… the HMS Mowry sails forth
into the Seas of Humanity, rescuing the
Hopeless and Shepherding God’s Children.
Pointing the way to a brighter day and
a Most Glorious, Forever Day.

It is an honor to put this to words.
When the words come from the
open books of the lives before us…
it is fun. May God Bless you
and keep you all…
Now and Forever.



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