“Papa. Read my the four little pigs and the BIG BAD POUF.” With emphasis on the big bad “POUF”, we begin the fascinating journey of the pigs and the rehabilitation of the “Pouf”.

My granddaughter (age 2) loves the story and when every we come to the Big Bad she says the “POUF” part. It rather sounds like a French pastry.

The fourth pig, as everyone knows, is Momma pig, she sent the defenseless little pigs out the door with a warning, “the BIG BAD “POUF” likes to eat little pigs.” Seems to be a common malady of “Poufs” and Humans.

The BIG BAD “POUF”, we are told, watched from the top of the hill where he lived. He was a considerate “Pouf”… letting the little pigs build their straw, sticks and bricks houses before offering to be a building inspector to test the strength of straw and sticks. The “Pouf” condemned the first two houses… huffing and puffing and all of that. All the hair on the little pigs chin could not stop the tensel strength test performed by the Big Bad “Pouf”.

Everyone knows that brick is stronger than straw and sticks but we have a Big Bad “POUF” that begs to differ. Consequently, he ends up in hot water, much like Humans who make bad decisions. Not the brightest and smartest choices made in Pig/”Pouf” Land. At least this pig did not put the lid on the pot and have “POUF” for lunch.

The “POUF” became a reformed “Pouf” staying on his hill top. No more Big Bad for him. Kind and gentle. A NEW “POUF”!

Now 60 years ago the Building Inspector in this story got into hot water and became the lunch of the brick house pig. The other two pigs became lunch of the “POUF” but I suppose I will not be telling that to my two year old any time soon.

There are many versions of the story. Things have changed over the years. The Three Little Pigs live happily ever after and the “Pouf” now stays up on the hill and is a GOOD BOY. Getting into hot water can be a life changing moment… provided the lid is NOT put on the kettle. Moral to this story… stay away from pigs who carry hammers, trowels and squares. Or. Don’t be a blow hard.

(c) 02/14/2012 by John Stevens


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