©4-13-03 JL Stevens

The boy left home to become a Marine.
He trained with the best you’ve ever seen.
There were times early on he longed for home
But with the family of Marines he was not alone.

The boy, who left home became a man.
To protect the freedom of this great land.
He put his heart and soul to become the best.
To become a Marine, He was put to the test.

He went to Iraq to free the ‘people of tears’.
From the oppression suffered thirty some years.
He served with bravery in face of fire.
With fear in his heart, but with freedom’s desire.

The Marine, the man, comes home again.
To his family and friends who prayed for him.
He left a boy, just months ago.
He returned a man, a Marine, with freedom in tow.

Foot note:
This was written one Sunday morning as I was looking at a picture of a young Marine standing at the ship railing with his special rifle at ready. He was going over to Iraq for his first tour. He has since completed 2 tours in Iraq. His father is proud of him and so am I. He and his small group went through many firefights. All came back alive.

Foot note 2
09-18-2011 He has returned from his third tour to Iraq with the 116th National Guard.


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