In Sanity

I now reside in Sanity
Now that I’ve given up Insanity.
The facts out weigh the constant feeling
which used to have me rocking and reeling.

That which severely caused me to doubt
To sit around in my shell and pout,
is forever behind me as I move forward
To the Endearing Light I look toward.

Where pain of mind subsides
And Peace in Him abides
His Love now lives with in,
Forgiven of what I have been.

Though the Storms pass over me
Leaving behind horrendous debris
There is Peace, There is Love
There is Hope, Given from above..

(c) 08-18-2011
John Stevens


2 Comments to “In Sanity”

  1. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by and reading raen. I go to a 12 step group meeting and this came out from something the speaker said about insanity.

    My name is John and I am a recovering parent.

  2. raen says:

    this is such an uplifting write, John– I enjoyed that word play on “in sanity” —as long as we do have that Hope, Peace & Love, there is nothing to fear– it sure is a comfort to know that God is always there…thanks for sharing!

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