(© 11-14-2000 John Stevens)

You go to church and feel His love
All is well in heaven above.
Then Monday comes.
Then Monday comes

The problems you face on the first work day
Seems to last forever and won’t go away.
For Monday’s here.
For Monday’s here.

The real world’s there staring you in the face
How you going to manage without God’s grace.
For Monday’s here.
Is God near?

Relax and trust God, He can take you through
Give Him your trust in what you do.
For Monday’s here.
But God is near.

Is your peace deep enough for the real world now
Can you trust Him enough to not have a cow.
For Monday’s here.
And God is near.

Let His peace settle over you in the quiet of your life
Open faith’s door and let out the strife.
He waits at the door.
Go open the door.

Now don’t you feel better since you’ve talked to God?
The stress level’s down, you can feel it in the bod.
For He’s with you now.
So now you know how.


One Comment to “Is Your Peace Deep Enough?”

  1. admin says:

    From Hello Poetry
    Chris G J Smith Jul 11, 2010
    Touching words my friend, and may you always know peace in the heart.

    John Stevens Jul 12, 2010
    It started out to be light hearted but something happened along the way.
    robert martin Jul 13, 2010
    I love the peaks and glimpses into the lives of others with the facades lowered, allowed inside to take a look at your trials, and thereby our own, Love the way the poem guided you, and not you it. You let the poem write itself unfolding yourself to its art, relating who you are: exposed. And what happens washes over us, for the “us” is always unchanged there inside us made in his image, and what is made is made beautiful.

    John Stevens Jul 13, 2010
    We think we are alone and no one else has the difficulties we have. I love your words. Thank you Master Martin.
    deanena tierney Jul 17, 2010
    Inspiring … my own story is similar. Thank you! A good friend once told me….leave your problems on the altar and let God do the rest. No need to pick them up again. And with that I have found peace. Your poem expresses the same adage.

    John Stevens Jul 17, 2010
    I am so happy there are people here with a common bond. Thanks for reading and commenting deanena
    Mari Jul 24, 2010
    I have adored and loved reading this wonderfully inked write John. It touched me on all levels and spoke to me as I read. I got carried away in it’s beautiful, smooth flow. So respectfully and captivatingly expressed, a true joy to read John. Your comforting words of Wisdom are such a pleasure to read and again, your deep Faith, Hope and Love of God shine resplendently from each line. I thank you for so very kindly sharing this stellar inking with me, John. Blessings………X

    John Stevens Jul 24, 2010
    It was written with a RAP tune going through my head. And I REALLY dislike RAP. As I have told my kids when they were listening to the radio… that sounds like Certified RAP. Enough of that.
    The title came from a message on Sunday morning. My pastor spent a week at a retreat center and the Nun in charge of him ask during that time, this question. By the time I left the service, I run the sound and hear it twice, this was written.

    I am very happy you like it. I ask myself this question often. And if not, why not. Let it go and get on with life. It is too short and getting shorter.

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