Paddy Martin: Poet
by John Stevens

A Great Poet has passed away
He came into our lives with much to say
About life,living and dying in his poetry.
I am a better man to have known him today.

The words he wrote will live on forever
Inspiring others in their poetic endeavour
We remember the man behind words so clever
Who set the bar high and did not waver.

May the Peace given to you in your final hours
Reach out to all who know you Dear Paddy.

See ya later my Friend.

04 Feb. 2011


One Comment to “Paddy Martin: Poet”

  1. admin says:

    From Hello Poetry
    Yelena M Feb 4
    May Paddy’s soul rest in peace..Thanks for this tribute, John.

    John Stevens Feb 4
    Paddy deserves more.
    Raitch Feb 4
    Loving tribute john x

    John Stevens Feb 4

    Abundita Feb 4
    a wonderful tribute John and thank you very much for sharing. Will miss Paddy :(

    John Stevens Feb 4
    Much could be said about Paddy but his poetry already says it all. Thanks Rhea
    Chris G J Smith Feb 4
    A good tribute to a good man. We will join him one day, writing a poetry book in the sky.

    John Stevens Feb 4
    I have work 40 years doing research projects for a group of scientists and engineers. The thing that means most to me is the few pieces I have written, hoping one of them will live on long after me. Some of them with my grand children will in all probability survive. Try to write it on their heart now so it will live on in their imagination.
    A great tribute to Paddy Martin, A noble man and great poet.

    John Stevens Feb 5
    Thank you JVL. He held a special place in my life.
    Neva Flores Feb 8
    A lovely tribute for our dear Paddy :)

    John Stevens Feb 8
    Thanks Neva

    Denis Barter Feb 9
    I would like to think that someone would honour my passing with a few words of poetry, such as yours to Paddy. I want no eulogy excepting this. A Poet can express more in a rhyming couplet, than reams of flowery eulogy can ever achieve. You do him proud.
    Did you mean ‘clever’ rather than ‘cleavour’?

    John Stevens Feb 9
    Thanks Denis. Consider it done. As I read more and more of your poetry, I will think of something. Maybe even before you need it! ;-))
    I was trying to put it into Aussie English and it looks like I blew it.
    Jon London Feb 12
    A wonderful fitting tribute John, Patrick was a remarkable man whose poetry touched the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate to read Paddy’s work…It is a great loss for poetry my friend, but a beautiful gain for the heavens, where I am sure Paddy will be whistling away in the flower beds composing his heavenly words…Thank you for this John, I know Paddy would be smiling after reading your touching tribute to him.

    John Stevens Feb 13
    What little time I had to get to know him through his words in poetry and comments, I discovered a man who enriched my life in many ways. He and my father-in-law may be discussing the fine points of Heaven just now.

    I took the time and made a copy of all of his poetry on HP. I did not want it to disappear never to be found. at least, I can read him now and then and be reminded of the man I came to know and love.

    Did you know Paddy personally?

    Jon London Feb 13
    Hi John, unfortunately I was only lucky enough to read Patricks words, but Paddy gave more than that..with all the support he openly gave to those around him..Quite often we would exchange mails in regards to our poetry..mostly paddy explaining how I could put a big red bow on my work just by tidying a few lines up here and there…and as always..Paddy was right…He had a remarkable gift which loved to share with all…but sadly I was never fortunate to meet him in the flesh…but one thing I do know my friend…Is that when my time comes to passing…I will cross an ocean of light to shake the hand of a gentleman

    John Stevens Feb 15
    Yes. Talking on the side was a treat. Thanks for your words Jon
    Lily Mae Feb 12
    So beautiful John…just like the man you honor..

    John Stevens Feb 13
    I hope it captured Paddy> It is as I understood him from his words. Words are powerful and convey who we are. We must chose words wisely… but you already know that Lily Mae. ;-))
    raen Mar 8
    what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful poet and soul, John– I didn’t have the privilege of getting to interact with him but his poems speak so much and give an insight to the wonderful talent & soul that he is– I only regret not having known about him when he was still alive… beautiful & touching poem, John….

    John Stevens Mar 8
    Thank you raen. I made a file of all his stuff in the event it disappears for here some day.
    JT-TJ Mar 14
    Very nice poem John… I think Paddy would have liked it very much.

    John Stevens Mar 14
    Thanks JT

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