Ref Jerry, promoted again this year
to the Mighty Kinder Teams.
Raises the growing Kinder Spirits
to achieve even higher dreams.

The Kinders play their very best
So unaware, they don’t even know it.
Week after week, excelling, growing
in the Upward Game they show it.

A slam dunk thrill is even possible
with a lively, uplifting Ref Jerry assist
Lifted high to the rim of the lofty basket
It was hard to have missed.

When the hoops were allusive
high fives did still abound
For the valiant effort of each play
Mighty applause did resound.

As in the Big Kinder Game
The Ref of the Universe is there
To lift us up when short of the goal
To help us, our burdens to bear.

He picks us up in times of need
holds us high for the goal to reach.
He keeps us safe with rules of life
Covers our Sins with a lesson to teach.

Upward! Upward! Upward still!
The goal is in sight as Upward we go.
In His love. In His hands.
It is all we need to know.

Now go and play the Kinder way
Do your best with all the rest.
Keep your eyes on the ball…
There may be a TEST.

© 02-22-2011 John Stevens
My grandson, Tony, plays in the Kinder games of Upward Basketball program. There are 550,000 involved in this in the US and around the world. It is amazing to watch these kids get better and better each week. Today was the last game for the “season”. No more getting up at 7 am on Saturday morning. What will I DO!. Sleep a little longer.

Tony was the only one to make a “SLAM DUNK”.


One Comment to “The Big Game: the Ref.”

  1. admin says:

    From Hello Poetry
    Chris G J Smith Feb 26
    Slam Dunk ; )

    John Stevens Feb 27
    Thanks Chris. It was fun
    Grace Feb 26
    Glad to hear it!!! A Slam Dunk of a season:)

    John Stevens Feb 27
    Thank you Grace.
    Neva Flores Feb 27
    John, I bet they adore your poetry :)

    John Stevens Feb 28
    One lady got a laugh out of the last line. There may be a TEST. The Ref likes it. But he likes all my stuff.
    Katrina Kovach Feb 28
    That’s great! really cool poem :)

    John Stevens Feb 28
    Thanks Katrina. The BIG AWARDS ceremony is this Fri.
    Tracey Feb 28
    I’m so happy for you and your family John. I know how fun this has been for you all.. Tell him I high five him and have a blast at the awards ceremony.. Those times with my son were the best… xx Great write and enjoy:)xxx

    John Stevens Mar 1
    Thanks a bunch Tracey
    JT-TJ Feb 28
    Cool poem Johny Boy… It speaks to the kid in all of us, and tells us of many lessons to be learned. I think there will be a test… The day I’m standing in front of St. Peter… I’m glad to hear that Tony got a Slam Dunk! That must have made you a really proud Grandpa?

    John Stevens Mar 1
    That is funny because I call Anthony, Tony Boy.
    My Pastor, Jerry, is/was the Ref. He did a great job. Tied the shoe laces and that kind of stuff. Held Tony up high when Tony had the ball so he could drop it in. Tony is a little guy and can not get the ball very high but that does not stop hum from trying. It is great to see the Refs and coach on both teams high five-ing and congratsing (made that up) the kids even when they don’t come close.

    This evening after a long day, he crawls onto my lap and in ten minutes fell asleep. Carried him to bed.

    Oh. Thanks JT for the comment. I almost forgot.
    Louis Brown Feb 28
    Very good poem. Good promo for the kinder. Unforgettable time in your lifetime.

    My Grandson is a big boy of 18 now and a freshman–
    made the varsity of the University of South Carolina at
    Sumpter, S.C. Junior college. Had his first competition at Florida last week and his first outing was as a relief pitcher who got his first save with 4 pitches with two on. I don’t think any Grandson will
    ever be thought of as old.

    John Stevens Mar 1
    Nope. Anthony will always be Tony Boy to me. I hope I can still be around when he is 18. The piece called “Ice Cream ” is my mission in life. I might make 80. Thant would be a hoot.
    Thanks for your comment Louis. Grandfather to grandfather. Rather cool.

    Denis Barter Mar 3
    A great write John although I know nothing of Basketball – an old soccer player myself with matches – Navy – played around the world – but you have got to the basics of what the kids do – results don’t matter – and I can shut my eyes and return sixty odd years and recall my own growing up period and the passion of doing my best! Far too much emphasis put on ‘winning’ these days, so it’s great to hear of some that enjoy the game for its own sake! I know the pride you feel when writing this – it shows in every verse! Keep writing younger Elder, you’ve a lot to offer the world!

    John Stevens Mar 3
    Thanks Older Elder. Appreciate the input.
    Jennifer Humphrey Mar 5
    Such a beautiful uplifting write. I always smile when I read your poetry. It is always so joyful. Your grandchildren I am sure are the light of your eyes. They will grow up quick I am sure. My child is growing up way to fast. To fast for me. I keep thinking I am not ready. But she is so her wings are growing before long she will fly. Again awesome write and love the slam dunk.


    John Stevens Mar 5
    Jen, Your comment made me smile. The Little Bird was sitting beside me for a while but abandoned me for Nana. She got some treats.
    Now perched on mt right arm, one hand typing is slow.
    Thanks jen how are you

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