For a week all I heard was…
“You coming to the Big Game?”
Every where we went
to total strangers… it was the same.

Saturday arrived
(oh sleep, where art thou)
in all it glory.
Eight in the morning
(oh breakfast… later)
that’s another story. (yawn!)

Calling traveling, double dribble
was off the menu today.
Staying on the same court, now
that was a challenge we say.

Ref Jerry blew the whistle
Stopped… to tie some shoes.
Can’t have a star
fall on the court and lose.

Tony got the ball, dribbled a yard.
Stopped. Eyed the net.
Upward! Upward! Upward!
Almost had it… I lost my bet.

The excitement rose high
in the stands this day.
For the efforts freely given
the Kindergarten way.

Coach Clay with his gentle spirit
quietly lead his team
Passing, dribbling, shooting,
Oh the faces did beam.

Excitement ran high
on and off court this day.
Shoot it! Shoot it!
Upward! Upward! They play.

Half Time

How are we doing with OUR
Big Game of Life?
Do our laces come undone?
Do we handle the strife?

Do we let Ref G O D.
Keep our laces tight and all?
So we won’t stumble
on the Big Play… and fall?

Can you hear Coach Spirit’s
directions for the great play?
High fives all around
to mark another great day.

Have we told others we meet
About the Big game?
When we do,
we will never be the same.

This is the BIG GAME.
After all!

John Stevens


One Comment to “The Big Game”

  1. admin says:

    From Hello Poetry
    Crystal Heart Jan 24
    I remember those days well with my son. Precious memories.. Beautiful write John.

    John Stevens Jan 24
    Thank you Crystal. I appreciate your comment.
    Neva Flores Jan 25
    quite excellent dear John. :)

    John Stevens Jan 25
    Thanks Neva. Tony is playing in “Upwards Basketball”. The last half I did not leave here. Today practice, then the BIG GAME Saturday at 8 am. It is just a fun little piece.
    Louis Brown Jan 26
    A very interesting write. But kiddie games can be as tense at the end as NBA games.

    John Stevens Jan 26
    For the Kinders there is no score kept and it is a lot of fun
    Shasta Lee Feb 1
    Holy cow, John! I’m not even a sport’s fan and you made me feel excited and thrilled about it!

    John Stevens Feb 1
    Thanks Shasta. I have another in my pocket on a scrap of paper. The truth is…. I don’t watch sports much at all. But this is FUN.

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