by John Stevens

Power of Love
reaches out
not exclusive

Power of Love
to change
to grow
to accept who
we are
not as others
would have us be

Power of Love
take people
as they are
not as
we want them
to be

Love of Power
inflicts pain
personal gain
the thrill

Power of Love
to feed
to clothe
to nurture
lead by example

Love of Power
‘ME’ alone

When we practice
The Power of Love
Not The Love of Power
We change the world
Not rule the world.

Power of Love
Greatest Power
on Earth

(c)Aug 13, 2010


One Comment to “Love of (Power) of Love”

  1. admin says:

    Comments from Hello Poetry

    Where so many get lost is they love the power of love…great write John…I felt this deeply:)

    John Stevens They love the IDEA of being in love. Not the person.
    Michael S Simpson
    Amen, John…amen.

    John Stevens Thanks Michael. This has been sitting gathering dust since Aug. I am sure there are more comparisons that need to be put in this.
    Neva Flores
    Awesome write John! :))

    John Stevens Thanks Neva. Still up huh.

    Paddy Martin Well said my friend and very true… takes a few years to work it out though. Maybe you’ve given someone a short cut.

    John Stevens thanks paddy
    I don’t see any dust…. Very good write John and so true! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!

    John Stevens It was unfinished. I have many of those it seems.
    Thanks JT
    Nikki I
    Amen. I think sometimes it’s hard to measure out what you think of as power of love, and love of power, but life is so much better when you’re living to love. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

    John Stevens When you are living to love and not to control the other. Thanks Nikki

    John Stevens I like the movie “Princess Bride”. ‘As you wish’ instead of what;s in it for ME.
    Jennifer Humphrey
    Your poetry is so full of wisdom I wish it would be put in an English book. A book of dos and don’ts that every person in the world should read. This touched me greatly. I appreciate you sharing. Take care and hello to your wife.

    John Stevens Thanks Jen. I am at loss for words.

    Jennifer Humphrey Smiles. Finally I made someone speechless.
    It was truth though not just an ego booster.
    The power of love so finely penned and expressed, as nobody else could either pen or express it, John. Love is the greatest power which exists. Sometimes, there are no words to express just how wonderful it is but you have changed all that in the inking of this beautiful poem. A true joy to read, John – Tfs………….

    John Stevens Mari, I thank you. May the Power of Love serve you well.
    What a powerful write on the power of love and love of power, John– amazing how interchanging these words can mean so differently –you’ve pointed really wonderful things here, may love overpower power :) enjoy your day :)

    John Stevens Any suggestions to add to the list? Thanks raen
    Autumn Breeze
    i love your power of love. .and the power you write love with. . .very deep . .and powerful! :)

    John Stevens Thank you AB. appreciate you reading.

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