by John Stevens

I was looking for:

I found:
I have turned my back
on the life I was.
Made up of lint
and a lot of fuzz.

I have set a direction
to the foot of the Cross.
Keeping the good,
Discarding the dross.

The regrets of the past
No longer control.
I’m free to live and LOVE
without yesterday’s toll.

Looking forward in FAITH
not forgetting the past.
Lest I should repeat
The bad I did last.

With HOPE in hand
I am pressing on home,
To finish the race.
I’ll never more roam.

I want to know You Lord
from the words in RED
“Forgive me of failures
as I forgive those who fail me.”

Read more: http://hellopoetry.com/poem/i-want-to-know-christ/#ixzz15Vp2UbNj


One Comment to “I Want To Know Christ”

  1. admin says:

    Comments from Hello Poetry

    Jacquelyn Cruz Nov 17, 2010
    Indeed God, is the only one who we can count on. A very nice and sincere poem, ty for sharing.

    John Stevens
    Thank you Jacquelyn
    Autumn Breeze Nov 17, 2010
    so true and beautiful,amen.

    John Stevens Thanks AB
    JT-TJ Nov 17, 2010
    John… I read this and think… Your teaching your grand kids LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, FORGIVENESS, MERCY, GRACE, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, DISCIPLINE, and KINDNESS. And these are the building blocks for a positive and strong future… In this poem you speak of a journey you have taken, but it’s not just you taking this journey John… your wife and grand kids have taken it as well right there next to you…

    John Stevens The words in RED and the words in CAPS are beautiful words. Words to live by JT Thanks JT
    Chris G J Smith Nov 17, 2010
    Amen my friend

    John Stevens Thank you my friend. I think of you often… The Welshman… and I think… a man I respect.
    Tracey Nov 17, 2010
    This is beautiful John and so is your soul~

    John Stevens The title came from a Sunday message along with a few words. I recorded the message and put it on my blog under music. It took a week to get it right… at least for me. Thanks Tracey
    Paddy Martin John thank you for this… I will print it out and go sit on my log and read it when I get home. That I am going home is more than enough reason to read this again.

    John Stevens Yes. Welcome home Paddy. How did it go?

    Neva Flores ★ Nov 17, 2010
    Straight from your beautiful heart. Lovely John!

    John Stevens I don’t know any other way Neva. Thanks for reading and your lovely heart.
    Louis Brown Nov 19, 2010
    Strong commitment in verse touches lives for the better.

    John Stevens I hope so. You know about that don’t you Louis? Thanks my friend.

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