by John Stevens

She was blind and smiling
cruising down the mall,
arm-in-arm together
so she would not fall.

No worries, no concerns
betrayed on her face.
Her life made better
through Love and Grace.

Her Trust in the other
to lead her along
to not let her stumble
as they listened to song.

I listened above
to the music of love
Sing softly to the ear
So pleasant to hear.

I thought of the song
That sings in my heart
I thought of the Master
who tunes my heart
From above
Each day.
With love

This Journey called life
Racked with danger and snare.
Can be filled with Peace
New life, more life to share.

When bleary eyes are opened
and ears allowed to hear
All… comes into focus
His Presence ever near.

When my vision fails
When my eyes are dim
My trust carries on
Always found in Him.

He takes me by the hand
with love and a song
All is well…
It is well…
As we journey along.

“I was blind
but now I see.”
Still cruising…
Arm in arm with Thee.

She was a beautiful young lady
and so happy. It impressed me.


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