This Jail is Not My Home
(Just Passing Through)
09-08-2005 J.L. Stevens

This jail is not my home,
I ‘m just a passing through.
Since Jesus touched my life,
Lord, What more can I do.
Your love has rescued me,
Gives me peace in my life.
Lord, help me to walk the path,
Free of trouble and strife.

When freedom beckons me
As I walk out through the door.
Lord, guide me on my journey,
I’ll trust you evermore.
May I choose to do Your will,
When temptation comes my way.
Lord, I know You are with me,
As I walk with You this day.

—— (chorus)—————-
When Jesus called my name,
My life was changed that day.
I walk and talk with Him,
I chose to follow and obey.
I am trusting in the Lord,
To open wide the door.
For I don’t feel at home,
In this jail any more.

Tune of ‘This World is not my home’


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