(c) 10-27-2010
by John Stevens

A Man and a Woman
can often not see
Eye-to-Eye of
what could be.

Their hearts not joined
in spirit and love
tear apart the fabric
when push comes to shove.

One may be a taker
in all that they are.
One may be a giver
but only so far.

The selfishness in thought
“It’s all about ‘ME!’”
Leads to destruction
of what could be.

Life and Love must be
shared not abused
It takes work and effort
If it is not refused.

The Recipe
(your taste may vary)
Equal parts Give
from an abundance of Love
Equal parts Receive
from a deep need to fill
Both without expectations
But with Understanding and Love.

Stir in Commitment
in genuine Love
Lace it with Caring
with a dash from Above.

Sprinkle with Patience
and a pinch of Forgiveness.
Best added immediately
to prevent stiffness.

Mix in Consideration
Stir in generous Time
Hold close to the Heart,
with Love Sublime.

Kept simmering for Years
The flavor’s Divine!
That comes with Attention
When not left to Pine.

Lighten the Heart
and blend in Laughter
It is much more Fun
It’s what we are After.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
“It is tough to rescue someone drowning
who does not want rescuing.
Let them drown (pass out), pull them out,
revive them if you can. Otherwise, both go down.”


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