by John Stevens

That “Grand Idea” of traveling
going with the Snowbirds
as in herds
Changing with the Seasons…
For what ever reasons…

Changed when seven pounds
of squirm and delight
was cradled in my arms-
five years ago that night

Instant Love as from Above
Never to cease, never to release
a 24/7 little boy, Tony Boy,
(and Lucy too)
Filling my life with Joy.

I wondered at times
how it would be…
Just my wife
and me.

And when I weighed the cost
Thought of the loss
Someone else called “Grandpa”.
The little voices saying “Grandpa!”, “Poppa!”
Rang louder still, louder beyond all measure
than all the sites and sounds the world could offer.

No other decision was possible to make
Than to spend my life raising my “children”
Building memories, building lives.
Instilling character the only way I know…
Loving and living,
and when necessary — using words.

My “children” will live their life,
living memories,
giving memories,
creating memories,
of times when they were young
Saying, “I love you Grandpa.”
“I love you Poppa.”
Hearing, “I love you too my child.”
Knowing, “See you in the morning.”
Refers to Heaven.

“The greatest love you can show
is to give your life for your family.”
(It is a paraphrase but
consider the original Author.)
(c) 09-27-2010
John Stevens


One Comment to “Retirement”

  1. admin says:

    Neva Flores
    absolutely beautiful!

    John Stevens
    So much for retirement. I HEARD it is not all that great any way. You sit down and die. I lost 8 pound chasing Lucy the last 4 months. I think I am about thirty now.

    Pleased you “like” it Neva. Thanks

    This allows me to remember all the important things that we overlook everyday… A loving tribute to you and your family… I love it….

    John Stevens
    This must be the reason I finally put it on paper. It has been on my mind for a while. Thanks Tracey

    I’m glad you did;)

    Kathy Patton McLemore

    John Stevens
    Thank you Kathy. I appreciate it.

    Your darling Grandchildren brought you a new lease of life John and this shines through resplendently in this excellently crafted write. It is a wonderful tribute to your dear wife and yourself and the whole inking is filled with love from the first to the last line. You have lost weight and feel 30 years younger Wow!!!! That is surely wonderful, John. A most beautifully expressed write and a pleasure to read. Tfs………..

    John Stevens
    I have known people who retire… sit down and die in a few years. Nothing to focus the spirit on, just dead space that ends up to be a hole in the ground. I have stuff to do. Tony got his first scooter this morning. Talk about excitement. WOW. W had to hit two parks… this after noon he is asleep. Not his usual thing. Me I don’t have time to sleep yet.

    robert martin
    Beautiful John, straight from the heart, truth, powerful, a joy to read, a joy to read

    John Stevens
    Thank you Master Martin. How is school?

    robert martin
    School is way too bureaucratic, and driven ruthlessly grinding away at the poor children to achieve an EOG score at the end of the year. I feel sorry for the children having to come through such a meat grinder introduction to life. I say let the Japanese have the top position of educational standing in the world. Let them lead the world in consumer goods, and yes let them keep the highest suicide rate among nations. Sorry to rank John but I think our school are a bit unnecessarily political, hard and mean to children. It has become so data driven, test driven that the humanity is being squeezed out of it.

    You know, John, you’re the true lump-in-the-throat poet!
    Beautifully crafted poem….

    John Stevens
    I read your comment to my wife. “You just go around causing…” and I missed the rest. Lucy was vocalizing when she heard me laughing at the KB.

    Thanks much D.

    D ;p

    Chris G J Smith ★
    To work all of your life and then “let go”. Retirement must be the hardest thing to adapt to my friend

    John Stevens
    It killed some men I knew.Nothing to do.

    Nikki I
    This is so sweet. They appreciate every moment with you, trust me.

    John Stevens
    Much Grass Nikki

    John Stevens I
    I overheard Tony telling a grandmother type at the park today, “Grandpa is really Cool.” I don’t remember the rest but that stuck in a brain cell.

    james robert
    Great stuff John, the write and the Grandpa!

    John Stevens
    It is a tall order to live up to but I think I can make it so. Thanks for reading James

    Paula Swanson
    Our Grandparents gave up their time together to raise us “Kids”. I was blessed with two mothers and the greatest “Dad” I could have. This is an absolutely wonderful write. Full of love and willing sacrifice. So like my own Grandparents. I have had the opportunity to visit with our 5 grandkids. But I wish I could be there for them all the time.

    John Stevens
    A very touching comment Paula. I find many people raising their grand kids these days. Your grandparent raised a great “daughter”. Thanks for reading and especially for your comment.

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