by John Stevens

Lost and Found


Turn me Bitter
or make me Better.

The choice is mine
My life define.

I choose Life
Not Death.

I choose Giving
Not Taking

I choose Love
Not Hate

I choose His way
Not mine.

The choice is Mine
The choice is Mine.

(c) 09-26-2010
For D, my friend. My brother.
In his hour of need.


2 Comments to “I Choose”

  1. admin says:

    Erika Swinson Oct 9, 2010
    i really like this john.

    “Turn me Bitter
    or make me Better.”
    i like this part the most :)

    John Stevens Oct 10, 2010
    Interesting how one letter changes everything
    “I” Thanks Erika. Pleased you like it.

  2. admin says:

    5 reactions for Hello Poetry
    I never get tired reading you.. The choices we make…everyday let alone the one between life and death…ahh.. well written.. Much love being sent to your friend in the hour of need~

    John Stevens He is very depressed. I wish I could be there……
    I wrote it this morning, one of those “got to get it down” things. Then I read D’s poem… it hurt to read but I understand. Sometimes…..
    Tracey, your first sentence hit me hard. I thank you from my heart, and any thing else that gets in the way. I get awkward at these times.

    Nikki I
    I love this. We have so many choices to make, and we just can’t afford many mistakes. Great write, friend.

    John Stevens
    Thank you Nikki. We can’t afford to give up.

    This excellently inked write tells the story like it is, John. The choice is ours and that choice made by us can hinder or help, make or break etc but it is a choice which only we can make. So finely expressed, I love the layout of the poem John and I also love the title.
    This is a time of year when many feel ‘down’, with light fading so early in the day etc but each day the choice is ours to make as to whether we will give in to ourselves or get up and make the very most we can of the day we have. Wonderful work, John! Tfs………

    John Stevens
    Well said Mari. I did not read much poetry before joining HP so… I am learning from the masters. As in a 12 step program, speak in first person. Not trying to fix anyone, just what fixed me or would if I were in that situation. I don’t know how you do it but you express things soooo beautifully. // Low pressure and cloudy days affect me any more. Now I recognize the cause of the problem, I can deal with it much better. I wrote another piece this morning sitting in the same chair in the mall that I wrote “Forgiven”. It is called “Retirement” and is still on scraps of paper but maybe later today. Reflections:

    Neva Flores
    yes! This morning you woke and you could breathe and you could return to that peace………you had choices you could make throughout your day…..You see joy and have found happiness. What a splendid write!

    John Stevens
    There is a fragment I wrote down about 6 years ago which frequently comes to mind.

    “Every morning I wake up is a good day.
    Every morning I wake up and give God
    the glory, is a wonderful day.
    The morning I wake up to Heaven’s
    brand new day, is a glorious day indeed.” jls

    It is WIN WIN. In the mean time… there is peace, even when things are rotten.

    james robert
    Beautiful in style and message!

    John Stevens
    Thanks James

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