by John Stevens
A wasted life, from fog of use.
Scars untold, years of abuse,
Bends the mind, from right to wrong.
Life out of tune, no longer a song.
Scars so deep, it covers the heart
no hope shines through, no point to start
to erase the pain, it seems insane
To a life gone wrong,

Through the fog, a point of light
Shone bright,
At first, then to fade, to die
from self pity and pain, from the lie,
Can not forgive the pain of past.
Can not forgive myself, to last.

Through the fog, a hand reached out.
Took my hand, I had my doubt.
Been there, many times before
The hurts and hang ups, seemed to soar.
The voice said, “You are forgiven.”
“It’s time to trust, to start livin’.”
The chains fell off, I was free.
To start anew, To trust, to BE.

A wasted life, in years of fog
Now Forgiven.

(c)09/03/2010 John Stevens
I have listened to many “life stories”
to know there is always hope.

All prison don’t have bars
made of steel to hold us back
They come in many forms
of our making, there is no lack.


2 Comments to “Forgiven”

  1. admin says:

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    robert martin Sep 4, 2010
    I love poetry that sings a universal theme, I identify with this poem from the small hurts and sins I have done to the large and small injuries done to me, A beautiful poem John, a poem of forgiveness and healing of oneself and a letting go

    John Stevens Sep 4, 2010
    Master Martin, Two of my favorite words, grace and mercy, has a companion… forgiveness. Thanks for a wonderful comment.
    james robert Sep 4, 2010
    With faith and sometimes, even without faith, there is always hope. I always liked that line from an Eagles’ song about living our lives in chains and never realizing that we held the keys! Wonderful write John.

    John Stevens Sep 4, 2010
    Thanks James. It is so much easier with all three. Only the person living your life had the power to change your life. If we only could realize that and then have the guts to do it.

    james robert Sep 4, 2010
    Amen my friend!
    Nikki I Sep 4, 2010
    This is amazing. It’s crazy how we allow ourselves to be locked away for so long, when there’s so much waiting for us on the other side. Great write, my friend.

    John Stevens Sep 4, 2010
    I am so happy you found your way to the other side. Bless you.
    Halliday Sep 11, 2010
    You sure do know how to work words in your favor. This is simply splendid. I love this.

    John Stevens Sep 11, 2010
    I sit here laughing and tears welling up. You sure know how to give a splendid complement… and so young. Thanks Halliday. You are OK.

    Halliday Sep 11, 2010
    Thanks bud.
    Erika Swinson Sep 11, 2010
    this poem is mindblowing. i love the intensity.
    “scars so deep it covers the heart/ no hope shines through, no point to start” i really like those 2 lines.

    John Stevens Sep 11, 2010
    They blew my mind when they came out of the pen. It just is. Thanks Erika
    Paula Swanson Sep 12, 2010
    Praise the sticky buns and that scrap of paper. I have a desk covered in scraps and a jar of M&M’s.

    John Stevens Sep 12, 2010
    Maybe you need to take the scraps and MM to the mall, sit down and write something. I don’t want to throw the scrap away because it represents the few words from whence it came.
    I think many times of the lost opportunities of a lost scrap of paper…. and I can’t remember the import of the few words that kick my brain in gear.

  2. admin says:

    Responses from Hello Poetry

    You have one helluva way with words, John….and this work of art really hits home.

    John Stevens
    Thank you brother. It seems to be unfinished somehow. Talk to you later.
    A splendidly crafted and finely polished poetic gem in this excellently inked write John. So many are survivors of all kinds of abuse and this is a tribute to them and to the courage they’ve shown in choosing not to be victims but survivors. The key is Forgiveness. Forgiveness for others and forgiveness for ourselves. Filled with so much raw emotion, I love the concluding four lines. Reminds me of Rousseau saying ”Man is born free…………..Yet, is everywhere in chains”. Steel bars do not a prison make, as you so rightly say – We make our own prisons, John and create our own reality. Thank you for sharing this wonderful write, John. Blessed be……………..

    John Stevens
    Thanks for the comment Mari. I went to the mall to walk this morning. Did my time and waited for the sticky buns to get done. I had some of this on a scrap of paper in my pocket. Scrounged up a piece of paper and the rest is history. You said it plainly what I was trying to say. Thanks.

    John Stevens
    This was read at a 12 step program this evening. Interesting… the emphasis was on forgiveness. All because of waiting for a sticky bun for my wife. If the stickies were ready I would not have sat down and this would not be.

    John, the key to getting on with living life is Forgiveness, for others and for outselves. That way Regret or Guilt are never part of our life and we live it in love – of others and ourselves and life. I would have loved to have been at the 12 step programme and heard your wonderful poetic gem read out! Fate will ALWAYS have her way, John – there was a reason those ‘stickies’ were not ready on time……………………..we both know the reason! Heartiest Congrats again, John, on a superbly inked write. Enjoy a very blessed and beautiful day, dear friend.
    john oconnell
    i take my hat off to you for this splendid poem!
    great content and wonderful diction and rhythm.
    thank for all the sharing.

    kindest regards and take care,


    John Stevens
    You don’t know how much I appreciate your comment. Thanks john
    Heather Mirassou
    Poignant, Powerful & Stellar Poetry!!

    John Stevens
    Oh, I appreciate that Heather. I guess I have not lost it yet.
    Chris G J Smith ★
    You are a true master of words my friend.

    John Stevens
    I am humbled by your words Chris

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