by John Stevens

The Little Bird came a hopping up
And flew into his arms.
She cooed and chirped and occasionally burped
As she snuggled from all harms.

Her eyes so blue and so inquisitive
She searched his face for a smile.
Then saw what she was waiting for…
Spread across a country mile.

Her feathers so fine and very blond
Flew around when she did move.
As the music began to play and sway
Her body began to groove.

Her love of music, things so fine
Came naturally to her.
When Papa played his old guitar
It caused her feet to stir.

She laid her head upon his chest
And let out a great big sigh.
All was well in little bird land
That, you could not deny.

Her eyes fluttered closed, her feathers a muss
The face of an angel shone.
Asleep in the arms of her grandpa
Little Bird and him, alone.

Good night Little Lucy Bird. Sleep tight Princess.

(c) Aug.4 2010
Written while sitting in the City Park for two hours
Lucy 15 months

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Coments from

John, this very finely crafted poem is a wonderful dedication to your darling and most precious Granddaughter, bless you all. Your love for her shines brighter than the brightest star which has ever shone, in each line of this great poem. Very accurately and delicately expressed, with a delightful flow. Through the superb visual detail you introduce your lovely Granddaughter to the reader and my admiration flows for you both, your love for each other creating an unbreakable bond between both your loving hearts. Excellent work John! A privilege to read and Thank You for so very kindly sharing, dear friend.

John Stevens
Thank you Mari. It was a delight to write. It is hard to wipe the smile off my face when she is bouncing around.

christopher glyn john smith
This is a treasure to read, really made my day special ; )

John Stevens
My privilege to make your day special. When she gets older, I hope I’m still around then, I hope she finds it a treasure from gpa.
Thanks Chris.

james robert
John, just today I found a quote from Emerson that fits wonderfully here.”We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.” Thanks for a write that would elicit that quote!

John Stevens
WOW. Emerson was a smart dude. I am humbled to even be in the same thought as Emerson. Thanks Leslie.

Kayleigh Redwine
This made me so happy. It is truly lovely. :)
John Stevens
I am happy you are happy. The Little Bird is 15 months old now and I have watched her grow 24/7 since she was born. She is beautiful, much as you are I believe. Anyone who writes as you do, is beautiful in my book.

Would you like to re-arrange it and put it to music?

Neva Flores
John so lovely………….this made me smile……

John Stevens
Thanks Neva. The Little Bird makes me smile a lot

louis rams
this is truly beautiful !
John Stevens
Thanks louis she is truly beautiful


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