© 2-1-1998 J. L. Stevens

It’s by His grace we come to Him
Not what we do, are we saved from sin.
He condemns us not, our sins are forgiven
He frees us from bondage on our way to Heaven

Come to the cross and receive His full love
Only He can give from the Father above.
Come to the cross and kneel at His feet
Give Him your life and do not retreat.

Come to the cross, Come to His love
Come to Him now, God’s gift from above.
His love is abundant, His love is free
For He paid the price, He died on the tree.

Go forward with Him through all of your life
Give Him your pain and all of your strife.
Comfort and joy while walking with Him
Peace in your soul, forgiveness within.

Oh, come to Jesus, Come just now
Kneel at the cross with tears flowing down
He will forgive your sin and set you free
Come to Him now, He’s waiting for you.

Rev. 1-16-1999


2 Comments to “Come to The Cross”

  1. JT-TJ says:

    I would like to see more poems like these on HP John, I think this is a beautiful write.

  2. louis rams says:

    another excellent piece.

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