John L. Stevens

(c) 2008

Psalms of John

This is an attempt to organized the poems/lyrics which are to be set to music that is running around the writers head. Hopefully this can be done sometime in the next X months.

The Title “Psalms of John” came from a friend of mine in DC, Tanya Tanner. Thanks Tanya.

Feel free to comment on the pages if something touches you.

May God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

The following is a listing of pages written as poetry/music/stuff.

Ice Cream :Written for my grandson Tony. Background
Remember for Me Poem of love.
Before I Knew You Poem/song of redemption.
I Bow Song of Prayer.
I Will Leave This Tent song of Heaven.

Faith, Hope, Love Poem of love.
Arms of Love Poem of love.
Come to the Cross Poem/song of Redemption.
Here I Stand Poem of my life.
Somebody Moved Lord Poem of my life.

I Will Praise Him Poem/song of Praise and Heaven.
Hope for Tomorrow Poem of Hope and Resurrection.
Look Up and See Jesus Poem/song of Grace and Mercy.
Jail (Redemption) Poem of Redemption.
I Am a Dopeless Hope Addict Poem of Redemption.

When God Calls Poem/song of Redemption, Grace, Mercy – Forgiveness.
Gladness and Joy Poem/song of Praise.
Every Day Poem/song of Praise.
Keep On Singing Poem/song of Redemption.
Will I? – I Will! Poem of Decision.

Draw Me Close Poem/song of Comfort.
Say Aaaaaah! Poem/song of Healing, Mercy, and Joy.
Behold the Lamb Poem of Sacrifice.
Light Shines Around Me Poem/song of Comfort and Heaven.
This Jail is Not My Home Poem/song of Redemption.

Is Your Peace Deep Enough? Poem of Peace.
Have I? Poem of Reflection.
A Mother’s Love Poem of Love.
The Teacher Poem of Redemption.
The Little Bird Poem of Fun.

The Three Musketeers Poem of Hope, Faith and Love.
The Girl in the Red Coat Poem of Love.
Forgiven Poem of Forgiveness.
The Little Bird – Part 2 Poem of Delight.
I Choose Poem of Redemption.

Retirement Poem of Reflection.
Unplugged Poem of Celebration.
Forth Letter Poem of .
To: Letter Four #1 Poem of .
To: Letter Four – D Poem of .

Lost and Found Poem of Redemption.
Motherhood Poem of
Remaining Calm During… Poem of
Going, Going, Gone? Poem of
The Recipe Poem of

Trust Poem of
I Want To Know Christ
I Was…
Above The Storms

Love of (Power) of Love
Dimensions of Love
Just Being There Poem of Inspiration

The Big Game
The Big Game: the Ref.
Little Roses
Paddy Martin: Poet
Poets and Pigeons :

Stuff of Poetry
Love You Forever and Always
In Sanity
The Boy Called Tony

Tony and the Dirt Pile
Four Little Pigs and you know Who
Time Change
Little Bird – (Forever and Always)
Ice Cream (for Brenna)

The Canvas
The Truth Be Known (Comes Out)
The Flower and The Bee


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