© (4-20-03) John L. Stevens

When the curtain draws closed on my mind
And leaves my body alone.
Think of the times we were together,
The times we talked on the phone.
Remember the times we would walk on the beach.
Hand in hand always in reach.
The moments we shared – together each day.
The love we shared in every way.

Though the hours get long that make up a day.
While you are sitting with me in your caring way.
Remember the times we would take a long walk.
We would get an ice cream, just sit and talk.
Remember. Remember for me.
Remember the seasons of flowers in bloom.
We’d walk through the meadow, nature’s room.
We’d hunt down asparagus along a fence row.
Bring home a bunch and fix it just so.

Remember at Christmas the lights on the tree.
The gifts for the children from you and me.
The smells of the season that filled the air.
The laughter and joy of people who care.
Remember. Remember for me.
Remember the moments our thoughts would blend.
No spoken word between us would send.
The thoughts of love and things to be.
Would cross the distance ‘tween you and me.

Tell me over and over again,
Of the things we use to do and when,
Times of laughter and times of fun
We had together, under the sun.
Remember. Remember for me.
When the curtain draws closed on my mind.
And leaves my body alone.
Think of the times we were together,
The times we talked on the phone.

As yesterday’s memories caress your soul.
Close your eyes, imagine us whole.
Where some day we will be together again
Where memories won’t fade, we will again begin.
Remember. Remember for me.

————— 06-17-03—————–


7 Comments to “Remember for Me”

  1. Stan Berg says:

    This poem remains one of the best…

    It is a classic if there ever was one…

    I never tire of reading and thinking of how well to speaks to us about Alzheimer’s…

    Of course it brings sadness as I think of my Mother Ellen and then my wife June…


  2. This is such a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it, John.

  3. admin says:

    From Hello Poetry
    D Conors Jun 27, 2010
    Touching and incredible poem–epic!!!

    John Stevens Jun 28, 2010
    I am pleased you like it. Thank you.
    robert martin Jun 28, 2010
    Beautiful, casually written style, from the heart, written about, from that which matters most– relationship.

    John Stevens Jun 28, 2010
    It took weeks for my best critic, my wife, to read it. She cried. Maybe because this may be US in the future. Thank you for the encouragement.

    robert martin Jun 28, 2010
    My wife also is my best critic, muse, and editor of my work.
    Warren Gossett Jun 28, 2010
    A beautiful read, John – your heart is showing, and it’s a good heart.

    John Stevens Jun 29, 2010
    It is a combination of others and my pain in life. If I done share in the pain, I can’t share in the joy when all gets better.
    Mari Jul 14, 2010
    John, this beautifully expressed and tenderly written poem, caused tears to fall as I read. You have painted your warm and most loving poetic heart into it and the result is a simply superb penning. Filled with pictorial grandeur and a beautiful silk smooth flow, it is packed tight with emotion, so beauteously. A very moving write, it tugged at my heartstrings John! Thank you so very much for sharing.

    John Stevens Jul 14, 2010
    My wife, my editor, read it once after weeks of trying… she can not read it again. It could be us. I can’t write any more. Thanks Mari
    Paulamae Jul 23, 2010
    This touched me John. Very lovely.

    John Stevens Jul 23, 2010
    Thank you so much Paula mae
    Neva Flores Jul 25, 2010
    John, such a heart touching poem……….brings tears to my eyes and grips my heart. There are so many people out there with family members with this disease…….so sad.

    John Stevens Jul 25, 2010
    Neva, thank you for reading it. A friend of mine, 82 now, lost his wife 2009 after 11 years of this disease. He said it is the words those suffering from ALZ would want to say if they could. His web is at:

  4. admin says:

    Stan thanks for stopping by again. I read and save all the email you send me. You are frequently on my mind and in my prayers.

    Again, thanks Stan.

  5. Stan Berg says:

    Just sitting and reviewing some of the most beautiful writings of the reflections of caregivers and others on this terrible disease of Alzheimer’s and of course your poem is one of the most touching…revisiting it as I do from time to time and as always with tears running down my face as June is on my mind!

  6. JT-TJ says:

    John… I think this is a beautiful poem and it really makes me think about what people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia go through. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to find this site, but better late then never I guess. Take care my friend…

  7. Stanton Berg says:

    What a great poem!..The stunning beauty of the lines has left me very emotional and all choked up…and of course with thoughts of June. This beautiful Poem is, I am sure, every Alzheimer’s victim’s request…if only they could voice it.

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