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When Mom died in June of 1991 Dad was rather lost, like the rest of us. I started writing little letters in big print so he could read them. He would not talk on the phone so this was the only way to make contact. I found out later that he carried them around in […]

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admin on July 2nd, 2008

The 5-28-06 (Stolen from the memory of someone. The deep recesses of the mind of days gone by. When life seemed to be worthless, when the mind was dark and lonely, Jesus came and set them free. Was this your mind?) ————————————————– The brokenness of my life, a shattered life in the eyes of others, […]

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The Box By Kristen Stevens As I stared, transfixed by the TV box, a smaller drawer caught my eye. I leaned nearer to read the title, but could find none. I stared in wonder, pondering if this box was really mine. Inside were hundreds of cards. My hand began to shake as I sat on […]

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This was written in 1998 by my daughter as a comparative study in her 11th grade English class. Her instructor said it was the best piece she had ever received in the thirty some years of teaching. Beowulf or Christ? by Kristen Stevens Two Standards are raised on the field of battle. The armies rush […]

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admin on July 1st, 2008

Pool of Life I was having grand ole time wading about in my newly found Kiddie Pool. The water had a slight blue color against the beautiful white pool sides. My life had kind of been going down the drain lately but this seemed to be a rather fortuitous find. I happened upon it one […]

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Canvas of Life ©5-24-06 The canvas of a child’s mind Is blank when he is born. The mind of a child is like a garden in the spring time It is planted, watered, and nurtured , and over time grows into something beautiful. Many times I just need to stop what I am doing and […]

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