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6-22-03 Her hair was beginning to grow back. She looked so alone even though she was standing in the midst of a crowd. No one was within six feet.  Would someone close by care?  Would someone give her a moment of their time?  Would there be a helping hand? A hand of friendship? When the […]

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admin on June 25th, 2008

A Mother’s Love The love a mother has for a son is without measure. From the moment that life begins a mother’s heart is our heart. Her heart is our life, until we are born. Then she carries us in her heart and in her prayers. Her love for us is over shadowed only by […]

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admin on June 25th, 2008

Quietly J.L. Stevens (©  2000) Quietly, I bow in Your awesome presence. Quietly, I listen to Your voice calming my spirit. Quietly, I feel Your arms of love surround me. Quietly, I sit as tears of Joy flow through my soul. Quietly, quietly. Quietly, my soul cries out as Your Joy lifts my spirit. Quietly, […]

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admin on June 25th, 2008

HOME AGAIN When my Mother died this summer in June 1991 I felt set adrift in a vast ocean. Things would never be the same again. My mother would not be there to pray for me in the middle of the night. How would I survive this world without her praying? Maybe worst of all, […]

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admin on June 25th, 2008

To My Mother It is your 84th birthday today and I take this time to say, I love you. As I think back to my childhood days, it brings back good feelings of the times we had together. I remember like it was yesterday the warmth when you held me close.  The nap times when […]

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The following was collected from handwritten notes and tapes of Nellie E. Stevens. Some of what I remember. My Mom said I was 3 1/2 to 4 years old when we were talking of some of the things Fern and I did. We were living on the Dawson County Poor Farm. Dad was farming the […]

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admin on June 24th, 2008

Today, June 24, 2008 was a celebration of the life of Harry Scott Laird… generally know just as Scott. Little do we know of the impact we leave behind when we die. Scott drove Trans IV for a number of years and ministered at a care facility. Many people stood to their feet and told […]

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admin on June 22nd, 2008

© 02-13-05 John Stevens I sit outside the jail house, this Sunday afternoon. I watch the parade of people, going in and out so soon. The visits here, come and gone. Time swiftly passes on. The sadness shows on each face for the one which they belong. The mother walks with their child, quietly through […]

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“My Name is ______. I am a Dopeless Hope Addict.” © (7-25-03) John L. Stevens Life seemed to suck. The pain seemed so real. The drugs seemed so easy To change what I did feel. At first it seemed to help To cover up the pain. But the sucking sound I heard Was my life, […]

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