admin on March 12th, 2009

I was asked to talk on hope so… This was presented March 12, 2009 for a  “Celebrate Recovery” session. ====================================================================== My daughter asked me where I was going this evening. I said I was going to “Celebrate Recover” meeting to give a talk on HOPE.  She asked, “what are you recovering from dad?’  I told […]

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admin on October 29th, 2008

“I Did It My Way” by Kristen Stevens Women have been around since God pulled the rib from Adam’s body. For the last two thousand years women have been on an unequal footing with men. In England in the late 1700′s and early 1800′s, women were expected to know how to dance and how to […]

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admin on July 2nd, 2008

The Box By Kristen Stevens As I stared, transfixed by the TV box, a smaller drawer caught my eye. I leaned nearer to read the title, but could find none. I stared in wonder, pondering if this box was really mine. Inside were hundreds of cards. My hand began to shake as I sat on […]

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admin on July 2nd, 2008

This was written in 1998 by my daughter as a comparative study in her 11th grade English class. Her instructor said it was the best piece she had ever received in the thirty some years of teaching. Beowulf or Christ? by Kristen Stevens Two Standards are raised on the field of battle. The armies rush […]

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